Organic. Accredited. Safe.

Our product kills fire faster than water alone, preventing reignition.

Our product changes how we fight and prevent fires by making water more effective.

Made from plant sap with fire protective properties, our product works to extinguish fires faster, while efficiently reducing the amount of water used and reducing toxic fire water run off from firefighting scenes.

Press Release

Our product is recognised and used globally* as superior firefighting technology to water alone.

So why hasn't it been adopted in the UK?

*See how other countries are using this technology HERE

We've identified 3 main issues with our current Firefighting service, which we believe we can seriously impact for the better.

Your Tax Money

Public tax supports our Fire Service, but could that money be used more effectively for better results?

Your Drinking Water

Toxic runoff into your water supply is a shocking result of firefighting with old water technology.

Your Fire Service

Using water alone, the Fire Service isn't as efficient as it could be to protect you and your community.

Founded by Firefighters who care about the British public

Daniel and Neil have a combined 100 years of experience in Firefighting and private Fire Protection.

We're introducing our product to ensure the best Firefighting service in the world continues to set the benchmark on behalf of the British public, no matter the cost.

Water alone doesn't prevent reignition of fires, fact.

Why do some fires burn for weeks on end, seemingly impossible to extinguish, even with dozens of Firefighters on location funded by your tax money?

With no advancement in how we use water to extinguish fires in 250 years, fires are burning longer than they need to, creating more environmental impact, and costing the British Public more money than necessary.